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NOTE:   All referrals and testimonials are unsolicited and unpaid.  Full names and contact information for our customers has been withheld out of respect for their privacy.  Please contact one of our representatives with any questions you may have.

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Erik,  Attached are some of my completed fence photos. Maybe they are of some use, my wife and I are thrilled with the final product.

I would rate my purchase experience:  -10-  Polite, efficient and very professional. I would love to do further business with Hoover fence when/if required. Great experience.  Fast, friendly service and a great product.

Thanks very much,
Mark K.
Lothian, Md.

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(click to see photos)

I just wanted to drop you guys a line thanking you for your very helpful site. Until this week I've never even seen a chain link installation, but as a die hard screw-it-yourselfer I knew I could do it myself. Well, let's just say that your guides saved me from having to call in a professional to finish the job. The fence is now up & it looks great, even with the bias cuts & the uneven terrain.

Mike H.

Hi, Folks!

I was thrilled to find your wonderful web site and I really want to compliment you on the very friendly, helpful design. The whole thing just rings of a company someone can trust.

Jack and Karen G.
Cincinnati, OH

To: Mike

We received our order timely and complete (post caps). The quality of your merchandise is excellent and the extra set of screws was greatly appreciated. You have a very satisfied customer. Thanks and have a happy new year!

Stacey H.
Bethesda, MD


I wanted to thank you for my recent order. You guys shipped it out very quickly and everything was right.

Dan C.
St. Louis, MO.

Mr. Hoover / Hoover fence employee,

Wow, thank you for the outstanding customer service. Received my product on 4/03/06 and 4/04/06. It is great to see that companies believe in customer service, we do as well, thanks again! Anybody who needs gate operators or fencing, you will be recommended.

Christopher D.
Cleveland, OH.

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