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NOTE:   All referrals and testimonials are unsolicited and unpaid.  Full names and contact information for our customers has been withheld out of respect for their privacy.  Please contact one of our representatives with any questions you may have.

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Hello, I just want to drop a big thank you to your team. I have used Hoover Fence for all of my fencing needs over the last 5 years. I have always experienced great customer service and communication. I will always recommend Hoover Fence to my family and friends! I recently placed an order for Vinyl fencing and tip my hat to Jeff for his help in (of all things) delaying the delivery of my order from the trucking company. I just placed another small order due to my miscalculation on what was included in the gate kits and I am sure I will recieve superior service from your team. Thanks!

Doug F., Washington, IL
We'd never buy from anyone else but Hoover and you're the reason why.
I've been an electrical controls engineer for 40 plus years - many with Honeywell Process Control Division and now at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and I know that stuff out-of-the-box can arrive DOA. What happens next is as important as anything - customer service and the resolution to the problem. You've done a fine job for us. Our gates have been working without a hitch after you got our motor problem settled - really nice not to have get out of the truck in the pouring down rain to open the gates.
Have a great weekend,
 Jack G. , Cincinnati, Ohio
Iíve been meaning to send you guys photos of our fences for twelve years now! As you can see in the photos, we have 12 year old Jerith #202 as well as some brand new Jerith #202 so you can see both styles and how they age, etc. I hope you can use one or more of these in your marketing efforts. Iím recommending your products to our church at this time as well. Keep up the great work!

Rich (Granbury, Texas)

HFC Note: The fence sections with screws attaching the pickets to the rails is the 12 year old fence. The new Jerith residential styles have hidden fasteners with no screws showing.


More Pictures

Dear Hoover Fence,

I just wanted to let you know how pleasantly surprised I was fixing my broken gate... I ordered the two units below but all I needed was one wheel and axle (not the steel box). I ordered two because I figured I would change both sides/wheels. I removed one new wheel and axles from it's new box. The new wheel fit perfectly within my existing box which is welded and would not have been easy to remove; I didn't use the new steel box for that wheel/side. For the other side (which still had an operational but very old wheel) I figured I would use the other new steel box and wheel as is to see how it mounted and would hold with just through-bolts which I used from the other unused steel box. Yes, I have two wheels on that one side but that side is much heavier because of some thicker steel and modifications to the gate. The old wheel is too worn to roll all the time so most of the weight is on the new box and wheel which seems to be holding-up great. Nothing usually works so easily and well for me I was just blown away with the results.

Thank you.


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