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Notes about Jerith's Shipping Policy

It doesn't get much faster than Jerith Shipping! When you need a fence right away, call Hoover Fence Company. We can have almost all items sent right from the factory within 1 week or less**.  This means that the factory will prepare the order and put it on the truck and ship it out within 5 business days. You will need to allow time for the truck to bring it to you.

Nearly all items are included in Jerith's shipping policy. There are several items that may not be available for immediate shipping. These items may require 10 to 14 days delivery, they  are:

  • Accent Gates
  • Rainbow Gates
  • White or Green Colors
  • Any Custom-Made Components

If you want to order any of the above items with your fence, and they are not readily available, they will be sent through as a separate order so as to not delay the shipment of the entire fence order. Of course, we will ship the entire order including the above items at your request. Feel free to call and ask about shipping times for the items you are interested in.

** Please keep in mind if you order your fence online, we will need time to confirm your order and process it. This 1 week or less shipping policy is extended from Jerith and it is specifically 5 days from the date we place our shipping order with them. Although not a guarantee, Jerith has shipped 98% of their orders on time for the last two years. Certain times of the year, such as in early spring/summer, do to demand ship times may be from 7-10 days. We always do our best to confirm our customers orders for accuracy and to explain our shipping and return policies.