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Why do the tension band bolt holes not line up properly when I install my tension bands?

It could be that the band bolt holes are incorrectly made, but if the problem persists with all of the bands, you are probably not installing the band properly. It is best to install the band by sliding the band down over the post to avoid bending it out of shape when you force it around the post by pushing it on from the side of the post. Some bands, like heavy flat or the beveled type are very rigid and the act of pushing it onto the post from the side is worse than with a light-weight flat type band.

Even if you slide the band down from the top of the post, the bands may need a slight squeezing to force the ends of the bands close enough for installing the bolt. In fact, it is a lot easier to squeeze all bands as you install them to make it easier to get the bolt and nut on later.

It is important to squeeze the ends together properly. I once worked with an installer who could put a band in the palm of one hand and strike it with the other hand in such a way as to force the two ends together just perfectly, before he slid them onto the post. Of course, by now he must have carpal tunnel so bad that he can't clap his hands together at all.

I opt for the easier way of installing the band first and squeezing them with my bare hands just properly to force the two ends together and at the same time lining up the bolt holes. The key is to bend both ends at the same time. The tendency is to bend one side more than the other and that's when the problem is created.

The illustration shows the most common improper bending result and the correct bend.

Heavy duty bands are hard to "bare hand" so I use a pair of pliers. First squeeze the ends together with the pliers. This will deform the band incorrectly as shown. Next place one end of the pliers in the hole on the "B" side and the other end of the pliers on the very end of the "A" side. By squeezing carefully, you can 'pull' the "B" side over to the end of the "A" side at the same time lining up the bolt holes. Cool huh?

You will need a good pair of fence pliers that are large enough to do the job and just pointy enough to fit into the bolt hole. Guess what, we sell them. The 10" pliers are the best for the job.

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