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I have recently purchased a home with a cedar (I believe) wood fence.  The fence is approximately 6 years old and has turned gray in most areas.  It's pressure treated wood and has a 25 yr warrantee, however, is it possible to regain the original brownish wood color and then use a clear stain or just use a brown stain on this?  Would this help in reducing any potential future warping or extend the life of the fence?

Unfortunately it may be too late. To retain any wood's color, one must stain it right away. After even a year the wood will lose its color by moisture and fading in the sun. The one way to change the color is to stain or paint it. Many colors and shades are now available. Consult your local paint/ stain supplier for the proper paint or stain to use. They will also be able to recommend a brand as it is out of my specialty. Painting or staining does increase the life expectancy and decrease the likelihood of warping and cracking, however wood will do this regardless. You may wish to replace it with a low maintenance vinyl fence which doesn't have these problems.  View our styles here:  http://www.hooverfence.com/vinyl_fence/index.htm