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I do not know how to install a butt hinge.  I have 3" gate post, the gate is 14' wide.  Does the gate pivot through the butt hinge, if so how do you keep the gate from sliding.

The gate frame pivots inside the butt hinge. You are wondering what grips the frame and keeps it from sliding through until it hits the ground.

There are three ways to hang a gate on butt hinges. One is to install the top hinge all the way into the top corner of the gate so the horizontal on the gate prevents the gate frame from sliding through the hinges.

Another way is to allow a 2-1/2" long leg on the hinge side of the gate vertical member that extends below the corner of the gate. The bottom hinge would then prevent the gate from sliding to the ground when the bottom horizontal member of the gate rests upon the butt hinge.

The third way is to use a 180 degree attachment. This fitting bolts firmly to the gate frame, like a normal female part of a hinge. It has a socket that fits into the butt hinge. This could just about double the price of the hinge set, but it also adds the ability of opening the gate 180 degrees in one direction only. Without it, the gate will open 90 degrees plus a little in either direction.

I hate installing 180 degree attachments, because it takes more than twice as long fussing with getting the angles right so the gate closes evenly with the other. The advantage is that 180 degree attachments can be adjusted with the butt hinge to vary the space between the post and gate and make up for a gate that doesn't fit exactly. I always carried a set on my truck to fix the new gate that was welded slightly too small or too big.

You will have to cock the butt hinge in the direction you want to swing the gate 180 degrees when using the 180 attachment. That's why they are tricky to install. How much angle? Hint: put the 180 attachment in the butt hinge before installing it on the gate. Adjust the angle of the butt hinge until there is a 2" space between the place where the gate frame passes through the 180 attachment and the gate post. If the gate was made the right size, it should only require the slightest adjustment at the hinges. It's the double swing gates that are the trickiest, but if you follow this procedure, you won't be too far off.

By the way, there are ring bearings that can be used with either the 180 attachments or with the butt hinge alone. These rings fit the gate frame or the 180 attachment where the butt hinge or 180 attachment rub. Only one is needed on the load bearing butt hinge. The load bearing butt hinge is the one that is holding the weight of the gate. I seldomly used the bearings, except for automated gates.

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