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Can I dump my pre-mix concrete in post hole or must I mix it first?  Customer Question: My question deals with setting 4x4 pressure treated fence posts with concrete.   I was wondering how important it is to mix the "pre-mix " concrete before I set my posts.  I would like to take the easy way out and just add about 80 pounds of pre-mix without mixing it.  Does that sound acceptable?  I'm planning a 6' wood fence in a mountainous environment 8200' elevation with typical wind loads for that elevation. Please let me know what you think.

It is preferred to mix the concrete mix with water prior to pouring it in the fence post holes, however many people including professionals do not. The dry mix will absorb moisture from the surrounding ground and cure eventually.  The problem with using the mix without using water is that the concrete closest to the post may not ever get wet or cure properly.  'Air pockets' and some spots inside may not cure properly and cause premature footer failure.  If you simply use dry mix, pour water in the hole before and after the dry mix as a compromise.