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Hoover Fence Outlet

Lots / Items:
Lot A-90 - Canopy Cover
Lot A-92 - Canopy Endwall Cover
Lot A-112 - PVC Privacy Slats
Lot A-116 - Column Mailbox
Lot A-124 -
Stanley Transmitter
Lot A-132 - Gothic Vinyl Post Caps
Lot A-133 - Mailchest with Pedestal
Lot A-136 - Mailchest with Pedestal
Lot A-150 - Victorian Dentil Post Caps
Lot A-151 - Mail Slots
Lot A-152 - Mailboxes
Lot A-153 - GTO Electric Lock
Lot A-154 - Adjustable Barrel Hinges
Lot A-159 - Colonial Vinyl Lamp Post
Lot A-160 - RCS Transmitters/Receivers
Lot A-162 - Newport Post Caps
Lot A-163 - Wood Post Base Trim
Lot A-164 - Newport Odd Size Post Caps
Lot A-166 - Victorian Post Caps
Lot A-167 - Odd Victorian Post Caps
Lot A-168 - Stained Glass Post Caps
Lot A-169 - Tiffany Top Vinyl Post Caps
Lot A-170 - LV Tiffany Top Vinyl Post Caps
Lot A-171 - Metal Top Vinyl Post Caps

Lot A-180 - GTO Solar Panels

Welcome to the Hoover Fence Outlet Store, the place to find great deals on some of our most popular items. Some of these items are simply overstocked and some are returns. We carefully test and inspect all items, making sure they work perfectly and are free from significant cosmetic blemishes. We then repack it either in its original package or a new box and offer it for sale at a significant savings. Details about each product can be found by reading over its respective page(s) found on the left of this page. Items can be sold daily and offered new daily so check back frequently. Items are in limited quantities and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.


Chrome or Brass
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Brand new post caps available at clearance prices!
Discontinued / Discounted
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6" Galvanized Steel Strap Hinge - 17-1170
6'' Galvanized Steel Strap Hinge
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