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Child Safety Latch


Protect small children from the dangers of your swimming pool and/ or hot tub with this child-proof latch. The latch can not be opened by anyone who can not reach the top of the push rod. Latches available to fit many combinations of post sizes and gate frame sizes. Mini-Latch and Residential Latch fit 1-3/8" gate frames, the Commercial Latch is available to fit 1-5/8" and 2" gate frames. Latch requires 2" gap between gate post and gate frame upright. Complete descriptions and prices below.
The pool-safe latch unit is made from shock resistant plastic.  Latches are available in black only. Latches self-latch and may be padlocked for further security. Latches allow gate to swing in both directions. Pool-safe latches are required in some areas and by the national BOCA code (check your local pool code for latch requirements). Mini-Latch is ideal for kennels. Chain link latches bolt on in minutes assuring safety for children and pets.
Auto-Latch Child Proof Safety Latch
Auto-Latch, a chain link child safety latch to fit various applications.
Auto-Latch Commercial, Residential, and Mini-Latch
Replacement Hardware Bags - Choice of 3 sizes gate frames
Hardware Bags
(Included with latch,
also sold individually)
Instructional Diagram Sign
Instructional Sign

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1-5/8" or 2" Gate Frame
(1562, 1565, 1567,
1572, 1575, 1577)
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1-3/8" Gate Frame
(1500, 1502, 1525, 1527)
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1-3/8" Gate Frame
(1499 Mini Latch)
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Ordering the correct size

Measure the O.D. (outside diameter) of the latch post and the gate post. The actual measurement is slightly less than the stated size, as you will see in the chart below. Both actual and stated sizes are listed for easy reference. If you find that your size is not listed, choose the closest size to your actual measurement. A difference of 1/8" does not matter. The latch will fit anyway. Not sure how to determine your post's outside diameter? Try this: Measuring your post size


To open: Push down on the top of the bar at the top of the gate. This will 'unlock' the fork type latch allowing it to swivel, so the gate can be swung in or out.

To close: Swing the gate closed and the fork type latch will swivel and lock into place. Can be used with automatic closing type gates.

Sold individually, pricing displayed is per piece. Buy in Bulk and Save! Discounts will automatically apply when carting Bag Quantities or more.
Code Sizes
(post size x frame size)

Actual Post O.D.

Actual Gate
Frame O.D.
Weight Bag Qty* Price Ea. View Cart
DAC-1499 1-3/8'' x 1-3/8''


1-5/16'' 1.0 lb. 25 $

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DAC-1500 1-3/8'' x 1-3/8''


1-5/16'' 1.3 lb. 25 $

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DAC-1502 2" x 1-3/8"


1-5/16" 1.3 lb. 25 $

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DAC-1525 2-1/2" x1-3/8"


1-5/16" 1.3 lb. 25 $

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DAC-1527 3" x 1-3/8" 2-7/8'' 1-5/16" 1.3 lb. 25 $ Add to Cart
DAC-1562 2" x 1-5/8" 1-7/8" 1-9/16" 1.6 lb. 25 $ Add to Cart
DAC-1565 2-1/2" x 1-5/8"


1-9/16" 1.6 lb. 25 $

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DAC-1567 3" x 1-5/8" 2-7/8'' 1-9/16" 1.7 lb. 25 $ Add to Cart
DAC-1572 2" x 2" 1-7/8" 1-7/8'' 1.6 lb. 25 $ Add to Cart
DAC-1575 2-1/2" x 2" 2-3/8" 1-7/8'' 1.6 lb. 25 $ Add to Cart
DAC-1577 3" x 2"


1-7/8'' 1.7 lb. 25 $

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    ACCESSORIES - Sold Individually and by the Bag

Code Description Fits Size Weight  Bag Qty* Price View cart
DAC-BAG1 Hardware Bag* 1-3/8'' Gate Frame .38 lb. 25 $ Add to Cart
DAC-BAG2 Hardware Bag* 1-5/8'' Gate Frame .40 lb. 25 $ Add to Cart
DAC-BAG3 Hardware Bag* 2'' Gate Frame .42 lb. 25 $ Add to Cart
DAC-LATCHSIGN Sign - Instructional Diagram - - 25 $

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    * Includes two brackets with nuts and bolts plus two carriage bolts with washers and nuts.

*Buy in Bulk and Save! Discounts automatically applied on Bag Quantities or more!

Note: These photos are for demonstration purpose only, actual size and design may vary slightly. Weights shown are approximate.

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